The office of Connecticut’s Attorney General is responsible for applying civil law to protect the interests of the state and its people. As a lawyer with 23 years of experience protecting, defending, and working to expand the rights of working people, I am well-qualified for the job. Many of my colleagues in the legal profession came to their professions fresh from school, with little experience in the real world. Before I ever went to law school, I had worked unloading trucks, stocking store shelves, doing data entry, and being a health care worker for people with mental illness. I know what the world looks like from the unemployment line, how it feels to be in danger of being homeless or out of a job. I have sat across the table from employers negotiating over wages and benefits for myself and my co-workers. I have argued with politicians and police officers when they tried to keep people from marching against the war. I have defended the rights of people who some say shouldn’t have rights at all.

The people I want to help as Attorney General are the same people I have been representing my entire working life: people who are being mistreated by the police, by their employers, or by their landlords. The organizations that I think should play a role in protecting peoples’ rights are the same ones that I have represented all these years: labor unions, civil rights groups, and community organizations.


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